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Forming of Honeycomb Ceramics

Time:2019-10-22 Click:1898

      The honeycomb structure shape of honeycomb ceramics is formed by extrusion molding, and its shape is determined by the mold shape.  The design and manufacture of extrusion die is the key technology in honeycomb ceramics production.

      Extrusion dies are generally made of 45 # steel or die steel. The thickness of die steel plate is 13 ~ 16 mm. Generally, the outer diameter of die is larger than the effective extrusion diameter of die by 20 ~ 30 mm ..  The drilling depth of the mud inlet hole is 6-10 mm, taking the square honeycomb structure as an example.  The wire cutting depth is 3-10 mm.  The width of linear cutting seam is the wall thickness of the product, generally within the range of 0.2 ~ 0.5 mm, and the ratio of the area of mud inlet hole to the area of cross mud outlet hole should be (1.1 ~ 1.2): 1.  The ratio of drilling depth to hanging block length should be (2 ~ 3): (1 ~ 2).  Otherwise, it is easy to fall off.  For large-hole products, one mud feeding hole supplies one honeycomb mud;  For small hole products, one mud feeding hole can replace about 5/4 honeycomb mud.  The extrusion molding process is as follows: after the mud is mixed, it is extruded from the die, cut and finally glued together.

      The rate of finished honeycomb ceramics depends on the drying process to a great extent. At present, microwave drying process is mostly used.