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Application and Working Principle of Honeycomb Ceramic Regenerator

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      Honeycomb ceramic regenerator is currently widely used in energy-saving technology of industrial thermal equipment. It is an important and effective means to solve energy and environmental problems by improving efficiency, reducing energy consumption, increasing output and improving quality of industrial thermal equipment.  The cross-section of honeycomb ceramic regenerator has two kinds of pore structures, square and regular hexagonal, and the pore channels are parallel straight channel structures.  This structure greatly reduces the resistance of air holes flowing through and greatly improves the single-hole volume heat exchange efficiency of the heat accumulator.  Product function:

      1. Reduce waste gas heat loss, maximize fuel utilization rate and reduce unit energy consumption;

      2. Raise the theoretical combustion temperature, improve the combustion conditions, meet the high temperature requirements of thermal equipment, expand the application range of low heat value fuels, especially the application range of blast furnace gas, and improve the utilization rate of fuel heat value;

      3. Improve furnace heat exchange conditions, increase equipment output and product quality, and reduce equipment investment;

      4. Reduce the emission of waste gas and harmful gas per unit product of thermal equipment, reduce air pollution and improve the environment.  Material: cordierite, mullite, aluminum, corundum mullite, dense cordierite, dense mullite, etc.  Product specifications: dimensions: 100 x 100 x 100, 100 x 150 x 150, 150 x 150 x 150, 150 x 150 x 300 (mm), etc. can be produced according to customer requirements.  Holes: 25×25, 40×40, 43×43, 50×50, 60×60 etc. Holes: square, rectangle, regular hexagon, circle, triangle etc. above can be produced in various specifications according to customer requirements.  Product features:

      Honeycomb ceramic regenerator has the characteristics of low thermal expansion, large specific heat capacity, large specific surface area, small pressure drop, small thermal resistance, good thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance, etc.  Widely used in metallurgical machinery industry, regenerative high-temperature combustion technology (HTAC) organically combines the recovery of flue gas waste heat with efficient combustion and NOX emission reduction technologies, thus achieving the goal of limiting energy saving and reducing NOX emission.

      Main scope of application: iron and steel plant, garbage incinerator, waste gas treatment thermal equipment, chemical plant, smelting plant, power plant, power industry boiler, gas turbine, engineering heating equipment, ethylene cracking furnace, etc.  Product function:

      1. The materials are various, and products of different materials and specifications can be selected according to different customers and use environments.  2. The hole has thin wall, large capacity, large heat storage capacity and small occupied space.  3. The hole wall is smooth and the back pressure is small.

      4. Long service life, difficult slag corrosion, adhesion corrosion and high temperature deformation.

      5. The product has high quality and specification. During installation, the heat accumulators are arranged neatly with little dislocation.  6. Good thermal shock resistance, good thermal conductivity and high mechanical strength.

      Regenerative high-temperature air combustion (HTAC) is a new combustion technology with great energy-saving and environment-friendly double-layer effects. The technology uses a reversing device to make two regenerative chambers alternately absorb heat and release heat so as to recover the heat of flue gas to the maximum extent. Then the combustion-supporting air and coal gas in the furnace are heated to over 1000℃. Even low-heat inferior fuel can realize stable ignition and high-efficiency combustion, which can save fuel by 40-70%, increase production by more than 15%, reduce NOx emission by less than 100ppm, and reduce the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere greatly.

      Honeycomb ceramic regenerator is the key component of regenerative burner.  It is a new type of industrial ceramic product which is made of ceramic raw materials through special processing, extrusion from a special mold and high temperature sintering.

      There are two kinds of heat accumulators: honeycomb ceramics and heat accumulation balls.  The specific surface area of honeycomb ceramics is more than 5 times that of spheres, the heat transfer capacity is more than 4-5 times, the air flow resistance is only 1/3 of that of spheres, and the heat transmission depth is small.  Therefore, honeycomb ceramic regenerator is more conducive to realizing low-oxygen combustion than regenerator ball, making furnace temperature uniform and heat transfer fast, greatly reducing oxidation burning loss and NOx gas generation, and significantly improving environmental protection and energy saving effects.

      The honeycomb ceramic regenerator developed by our company includes cordierite, dense cordierite, mullite, zircon mullite, mullite corundum, chrome corundum, alumina, stoneware (acid-resistant porcelain), spinel, silicon carbide, etc.  It has the remarkable characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermal shock stability, high strength, large heat storage and release, good thermal conductivity, etc.



      It is widely used in various furnaces (burners) of steel, machinery, chemical industry, building materials, petrochemical, fire fighting, nonferrous metal smelting and other industries, such as hot blast stove, heat treatment furnace, cracking furnace, baking oven, melting furnace, soaking pit, glass kiln, garbage incinerator, oil and gas boiler, etc.



      1. Blast furnace gas with low calorific value can be used;

      2. Energy can be saved by 40-70%;

      3. Pollution discharge can be reduced by more than 50%;


      Main Technical Parameters of Honeycomb Ceramic Regenerator;

      A. bulk density: 0.6-1.5g/cm3

      B. specific gravity: 2.16~2.42g/cm3

      C coefficient of thermal expansion: 1.5~3.5×10-6/℃(20-100℃)

      D. thermal conductivity: 1.0~1.3W/m?  K(20-100℃)

      F. thermal shock resistance: 300~650min?  K

      G softening temperature: 1320-1400℃

      H maximum operating temperature: 1350~1680℃

      I. average heat storage: 0.198-0.206 kwh/m3k

      J. normal temperature compressive strength: above 50MPa

      K. water absorption: 10-20%

      L. heat exchange area: 300~500m2/m3

      M. acid resistance: 8.6-15%