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Application and Working Principle of Honeycomb Ceramic Regenerator

      Honeycomb ceramic regenerator is currently widely used in energy-saving...

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Forming of Honeycomb Ceramics

      The honeycomb structure shape of honeycomb ceramics is formed by...

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How many kinds of fillers are used in water treatment?

      Fillers generally refer to materials filled in other objects.  In...

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Application of Activated Alumina

      Activated alumina balls are widely used as adsorbents and catalysts....

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How to select filler material? Choose plastic filler or ceramic filler?

      (1) Plastic filler The materials of plastic filler mainly include...

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Adsorption Principle and Application of Molecular Sieves

     Molecular sieves are aluminosilicate crystals synthesized by artificial...

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Introduction to Typical Application Industries and Purification Systems of Honeycomb Ceramic Regenerators

      Honeycomb ceramic regenerator has the characteristics of low thermal...

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