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Microporous Ceramic Filter Tiles And Plates

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    Microporous ceramic filter plate is composed of many uniform and numerous micropores. When the fluid passes through these tiny holes, the suspended matter, colloidal particles and macromolecular organic matter are trapped on the surface of the filter medium, and the fluid passes through the microporous channel to produce various physical effects, so as to achieve the effects of mechanical sieve filtration, purification or diffusion, fluidization, etc.


    Microporous ceramic filter plate has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, no harmful substances dissolving, no secondary pollution. Under the action of fluid pressure, micropores are not deformed, easy to clean and regenerate, with long service life. It can replace cotton cloth, silk fabric, plastic, metal mesh, asbestos floss and other filter materials, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, thermoelectricity, cement, medicine, papermaking and other industries In the treatment of "three wastes" in environmental protection of industrial enterprises, the devices of solid-liquid separation, gas-liquid separation, powder conveying, oil-water separation, liquor making separation, air filtration, circulating water filtration, etc., are especially suitable for the filtration of boiler dust removal wastewater and slag flushing water. The new process of sedimentation + microporous ceramic filtration is novel in design, simple in construction, economical and practical. More than 150 small and medium-sized power plant boilers and industrial boilers are treated by this process. The removal rate of dust removal and slag flushing wastewater and suspended solids of domestic boilers is over 91-97%, the removal rate of COD is over 89-95%, the concentration of suspended solids at the outlet is generally about 10-50mg, the water quality is clear and transparent, and all of them reach the first level of discharge The closed-circuit recycling and zero discharge are realized.

    Main performance indexes of microporous ceramics

    index numerical value index numerical value
    Bulk density(kg/m3) 1480 Flexural strength(Mpa) 5.3
    aperture(um) 10-500 Acid resistance(%) 98
    porosity(%) 30-43 Alkali resistance(%) 74-82
    Permeability(kg/m2.h) 15000 Mohs hardness (grade) 7
    permeability(nm3/m2.h) 1.8-5.0 thermal stability(℃) 200-19
    compressive strength(Mpa) 14 Water absorption rate(%) 23.3

    Specification of microporous ceramic filter plate

    Specifications long wide thick
    WCZ-1 250 250 50
    WCZ-2 250 250 60
    WCZ-3 300 300 65
    WCZ-4 500 500 65