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Ceramic Sand Filter

Product Detail



    Rare earth ceramic sand is made of porous ceramic raw materials mixed with rare earth raw materials. It has strong filtration and adsorption capacity, high strength, low resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, simple regeneration, long service life and so on.


    The traditional filter materials such as quartz sand, granite and anthracite have low porosity, small specific surface area, poor sewage interception capacity, low output and unstable water quality. The filter cycle and service life are short, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of the complex industrial wastewater treatment and the increasingly polluted domestic water and industrial water advanced treatment. Our company has been aiming at the defects of traditional filter media since the early 1980s, and according to the experience of new filter media development abroad, we use high-quality kaolin, binder, pore forming agent and rare earth anti-corrosion agent to make a new filter media rare earth ceramic sand with white appearance, hard texture, uniform particles, developed micropores, large porosity and full roundness.

    Chemical properties


    AL2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 MgO CaO
    22-24% 68-74% <1.0% <0.7% <0.5%


    physical property

    project index project index
    granularity(mm) 0.5-3.0 Excessive water(t/m2.h) 2-3
    Compressive strength (n / piece) 30-150 Gas throughput(m3/m2.h) 1500-2000
    Attrition rate(%) <0.5 Loose bulk density(g/ml) 1.1-1.5
    Acid resistance(%) >98 Voidage(%) 40-45
    Alkali resistance(%) >92 Applicable temperature(℃) -80~1200



    The initial head loss of the ceramic sand filter bed is small, which is very beneficial for prolonging the working period of the filter bed;


    Porcelain sand has a large amount of sewage interception, generally within 9-10kg / m3, which is 1.2-1.5 times of that of the filter (7.8-9kg / m3);


    The ceramic sand has a spherical surface, which is easy to clean. The water consumption of backwashing is 30-50% lower than that of quartz sand;


    Porcelain sand has large strength and low abrasion rate, and its service life is more than 5 times longer than that of quartz sand filter material;


    The ceramic sand filter material is uniform and regular, easy to be filled, not easy to be lost, no harmful substances dissolved and no secondary pollution. It is especially suitable for pre-treatment filter material or resin supporting layer in ion exchange and reverse osmosis treatment devices, and it can also be used as the cushion of activated carbon adsorber;


    According to the water quality, after special process treatment, it can also be made into multi-purpose filter materials such as iron and manganese removal porcelain sand, fluorine removal porcelain sand, etc., or as coarse-grained filter material for oil-bearing wastewater treatment, biological filter material for biological filter, etc., to remove iron, manganese, fluorine, oil and other organic pollutants.