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Honeycomb Ceramic Catalyst Carrier

Product Detail



    Using high alumina cordierite as the main raw material, the block plate or round honeycomb ceramic carrier is made, coated with special catalyst, which makes it a product with special strength, toughness, seismic resistance and heat resistance, so as to eliminate the harmful gas in the production process of petroleum and chemical products, filter the liquid residue in the process of petroleum and chemical products, and improve the product quality.

    Main technical indicators

    index numerical value
    Purification rate 95%
    Catalyst withstand temperature 300


    Serial number Specifications pass Model
    1 Φ47*125 Triangular hole 100 holes per square inch
    2 Φ47*125 Triangular hole 200 holes per square inch
    3 Φ47*125 Triangular hole 300 holes / square inch
    4 Φ47*125 Triangular hole 400 holes / square inch
    5 Φ25*125 Triangular hole 800 holes / square inch