Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs

& Weight Loss


By: Dr. Andrea Gurciullo, CA, Dr of Acupuncture, Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine

How does Acupuncture assist in weight loss?

Acupuncture works best in conjunction with Chinese herbs and dietary therapy to increase your metabolism, improve digestion, remove excess body fluids and improve bowel function. By improving digestion you will absorb nutrients better, which will give you more energy and less of a desire to eat excess calories. The reason you get hungry is because of the poor absorption of nutrients, which makes you crave more food. Poor digestion leads to excess water retention and improper evacuation of the bowels, which leads to weight gain. In addition to acupuncture Chinese herbs will help you improve your metabolism. Therefore you can eat the same amount of calories and still lose weight, but keep in mind in order to achieve the best results diet and exercise are essential.

Where there is harmony and good health weight loss will take place. Your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar will be reduced, which in turn will lesson the amount of medications you take.

We recommend two treatments per week until we start to see a decrease in weight.

Eating recommendations:

- Eat only warm cooked foods. Soups and stews are excellent.

- Drink room temperature or hot beverages. Ice is a no no!

- Avoid salt. Keep it under 1500 mg per day.

- Avoid processed foods and fast foods. They have minimal nutritive value, so you will end up eating more calories. Food should not be in boxes, cans or freezer packaging! Even if they are from the health food stores- It is a no no!

- Avoid sugary drinks. ie. Fruit juice, soda and alcoholic beverages.

- Avoid breads and pastas. You can exchange them for gluten free products. ie. Quinoa pasta and speltbreads. However, keep in mind carbohydrate portion size should remain very small.

- Water with lemon will reduce appetite

- Eat sitting down in a relaxed environment and you will digest better.

- Do not eat until you are full. If that happens you have eaten too much.

- Try and eat what you like, because if you start a diet with foods you hate it will be difficult to stick with.

- Keep in mind this is a lifestyle, not a two week fad diet.

- Start an exercise program. Once again, do what you enjoy and set small goals. ie. If you like walking, start low with a quarter of a mile. Don't over do it. You don't want to get discouraged.

- Bowel movements should be one to two times per day

Recommended herbs and supplements:

-Black Dragon: Improves metabolism, reduces water retention, improves bowel function and lowers cholesterol.

- Multivitamin

- Choline: Helps liver function to reduce cholesterol

- Gestazyme: Improves digestion and absorption

- Acidoplilus: improve digestion and absorption

- Chromium: Reduces sugar cravings

- Red Rice Yeast: Reduces cholesterol

- Cordyceps: For low energy and metabolism

- Wu Ling San: For excess water retention, improves digestion

- Cascara Sagrada: For constipation

- Complete Body Cleanse Kit: Improves everything!

Keep in mind you don't need all these supplements. It is best to consult with an Acupuncturist/ Herbalist when deciding which herbs are right for you.

Recommended Diet:

- Absolutely no soda or fruit juices. If you make vegetable juice use greens- limit carrots!

- Unlimited steamed, raw or grilled green vegetables. Limit starchy vegetables ie. Sweet potatoes, carrots & corn

- Try not to salt your food

- Snacks 1 to 2 per day: Berries, carrot sticks, 100 calorie pack of low sodium nuts

- Keep in mind it is important to eat, but the less you eat the more you will lose

- Choose organic products as opposed to conventional. Remember, dieting is also about being healthy not just thin

- Choose one day per week where you can eat what you want, but keep your portions small!!!

Breakfast Options:

1) Once slice of protein bread with half an orange or grapefruit / ½ of berries- No adding sugar!

2) ½ cup of oatmeal with a ½ cup of berries- No adding sugar!

3) 1 egg with one slice of protein bread

4) 2 slices of turkey bacon ( low sodium) with one egg

Lunch Options: Water, seltzer, coffee or tea- NO Sugar!

1) Low sodium and low carbohydrate soup with a salad and low fat dressing

2) Any lean protein- grilled or steamed- with fresh herbs ie. fish, chicken, turkey, or tofu with grilled/steamed vegetables

Note: Portion of protein should be no larger than the palm of your hand

3) Salad with vegetables, lean protein and low fat salad dressing

Dinner Options: Water, flavored seltzer, coffee or tea

Same as lunch, but you can add either 1 slice of protein bread, ¼ cup of rice or potato